Classic portrait, Family and love-story photosessions

Melbourne and Greater Melbourne

Beautifull photos without stress and fierce. Warm and vivid pics with recognizable you. Emotions to remember in many years. Magic of photography.

Type of sessions

Family photogrpahy

with kids, parents or all together. Inside or outside. Vivid photos with pure emotions


Romantic pictures for couple. Without any reason or before your THAT day. Love in every photo


Magic time only for you. Look how much beauty is inside of you

Don't know how to pose?
Nervous in front of camera?
Don't have enough time for photosession?
Afraid of not being you on the pictures of you?
Always dreaming of great family photos, but can't find right words for them?
Not ready for waiting 2-3 months after session?
Think you are 'not perfect enough for this'?

60..90 mins – regular session.

15..30 mins – express session.

You have only 40 minutes for family photosession, or want to spend 2 hours for private one? No problem!

All your pictures will be ready in 7 working days.

All pictures are edited. Before the session we discuss all your preferences.

  • Don't like your freckles? Won't be any.
  • Desire more accurate nose? No sweat.
  • Feel embarresed by creases or wrinkles? Don't ^_^

Amount of photos depends on the type of session.

  • Express: 5 pcs
  • Portrait: 10-15
  • Love-story: 20-25
  • Family: 30-45

I do small complimentary video every photosession.

Are you looking for photographer for the event? Want to do a boudoir session? Try yourself in a new carachter?

Repeat your wedding day?

Just le me know.

We can arrange a make-up artist, rent a dress, props and a studio (for extra charge).

Your photos won't be published anywhere without your explicit permission.



KEO Studio

Svetlana Sergeeva

Hi! How are you? My name is Lana. KEO Studio is my way to show how much beauty there is inside of every person!

Everybody deserves cool photos. At any time, any weight, any age

It is cool

Photo session is a way to freeze your moment and real emotions.
Photo session is a time you spend with yourself or with your family.

It is simple

No drama. No stress. No fierce.
Don't need to plan weeks beforehand - just book a session, come and be yourself.
I truly believe the most important part of photography is you. Not a drees, a make-up or a pose.


My photos are natural and simple. Not important how many minutes you spent with me: 2 hours, or just 15 minutes. You will get brilliant real vivid photos.


KEO Studio is a mix of photography and magic.


Sent me a letter, make a call or contact via Instagram.


Leave a comment or post a question here.

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